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Operated by professionals, for professionals, Framesi is not a retail conglomerate. Roberto Franchina, the founder of Framesi, painstakingly blended the art of hair color with the technology of hair care. Introduced to the American market in 1979 Framesi hair color products have grown across America ever since. The professional line of hair care products were designed specifically for colored and chemically treated hair. These shampoos, conditioners and styling aids were designed by master chemists for use the advanced lines of Framesi' Framcolor Futura and Framesi' Framcolor 2001.

• Framesi was established in 1945
• Framesi is now distributed in over 70 countries worldwide
• Based in the world's fashion capitol Milan Italy
• Framesi is the leading manufacturer of hair color sold in Italy.
• Clients and Hairstylists using Framesi have discovered beautiful color that leaves hair feeling naturally soft and beautifully manageable.

Be Yourself® Pearl
Shampoo 8.4 oz
by Framesi

Light, moisturizing shampoo for Color-treated hair. Loaded with nourishing pearl protein which stimulates the formation of rich keratin. Gently cleanses hair. Leaves hair rich and vibrant.

Be Yourself® Pearl
Conditioner 8.4 oz
by Framesi

Rich moisturizing conditioner that nourishes color-treated hair, with a unique combination of vitamins and pearl protein that work in synergy, leaving hair youthful and shiny.

• Weightless
• Prevents color fadage
• Daily, nourishing conditioner
• Color Safe
• Paraben-Free
• Gluten-Free

Be Yourself® Pearl Mist Hairspray Light 10 oz.
by Framesi

Exclusive formula with pearl powder - rich in amino acids and minerals - silicon evanescent and jojoba oil to polish the hair without weighing it down.

Framesi BY Pearl Mist Hairspray Light protects the hair due to vitamin E and UV filter that neutralizes the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, counteracting the onset of free radicals.

Be Yourself® Pearl Sparkling Mousse Light
7 oz.
by Framesi

An alcohol-free, moisture-rich foam that adds body, volume and shine.
Adds lift and control to even the most lifeless hair.

Contains important anti-oxidizing trace elements in its malachite extract.

Be Yourself® Opulence Pearl Wax 2.5 oz.
by Framesi

A versatile modeling wax, with pearl protein and natural fixatives which offer great depth and definition

• A Creative Wax
• Enhances Shine
• Paraben Free
• Thermal Protectant

Be Yourself®
Straightening Balm 5.1 oz.
by Framesi

Creates natural movement while increasing hair volume. Great for straightening naturally curly or wavy hair with a hairdryer or flat iron! Tame and smooth even the most rebellious, disobedient hair types. Protects your hair from humidity for all-day frizz control while nourishing the fibers with rice oil and Limnanthes alba oil.

Be Yourself® Slush Gloss
by Framesi

Restructuring serum that gives extra shine. A clear lotion that creates exceptional shine while smoothing split ends and frizz.

Revitalizes dry hair and makes it smoother, and contains Limnanthes alba oil and UV ray protection.

Be Yourself® Lava Hydro Gel Strong 5.1 oz
by Framesi

Hydro-Gel Strong is an alcohol free, ultimate hard-hold styling and sculpting gel. Volumizes the hair while producing incredible texture and shine especially on short styles. Will not flake or build up. Themal and UV protectant. See it, Create it, Make it last...be yourself.

Biogenol® Ultra Deep Masque Conditioner
by Framesi

Specially formulated for color-treated hair with the new Phycocorail Color Shield Protection Ingredient System.Vitamin and vegetable proteins, rebuild, strengthen and restore life. Restructures and energizes as it locks in moisture, body, condition and fabulous shine, to leave your hair healthier than ever before.

Biogenol® Violights Color Care Shampoo 10 oz
by Framesi

Violights Shampoo - Removes yellow, adds brightness to gray and white hair. Tones brassiness on blond and highighted hair while leaving your hair with a rich brilliance and unmatched volume and shine.

Biogenol® Replenishing Shampoo 16.9 oz
by Framesi

A rich daily shampoo that brings dry, damaged hair back to life. Its unique blend of natural, organic vegetable proteins and vitamins penetrates the hair to clean, restructure and restore proper moisture balance.

Biogenol® Color Care Reconditioner 10 oz
by Framesi

A protein-rich daily restructuring and moisturizing cream that brings dry, damaged hair back to life. Adds body, detangles and helps prevent split ends as it drenches the hair with moisture and condition.

Biogenol Leave-In Conditioner 10.14 oz
by Framesi

Specially formulated for all hair types with the Phycocorail Color Shield Protective Ingredient System. A light, stay-on/leave-in daily conditioner that gives body and shine to all hair types. Vitamin-enriched organic vegetable proteins penetrate deep to infuse the hair with moisture, strength, body and shine. Contains a natural anti-oxidant to prevent fading. Glycerine-free.

Biogenol Design Spray
10 oz
by Framesi

Especially formulated for color-treated hair with the new Phycocorail Color Shield Protection Ingredient System. A non-sticky, strong hold working spray made from vitamin-enriched vegetable proteins for superior hold, body and shine. Will not build-up flake or dull color. Contains a natural anti-oxidant to prevent fading

Be Yourself® Glacier Wax
by Framesi

A defining wax that produces exceptional hold and shine. Adds great depth and definition to curly, unruly hair. Also, a perfect gloss for the short and sleek! Emulsify a small amount in hands and manipulate through damp or dry hair.

Be Yourself® Sparkling Mousse 7 oz
by Framesi

Hydrating, mineralising foam to keep your hairstyle in place. Contains important anti-oxidizing trace elements in its malachite extract. Massage into wet hair before styling. Light and strong versions available.